Our Multi-Channel Marketplace and eCommerce Integrations

At I-Fulfilment, we offer a range of marketplace and eCommerce platform integrations to make it quick and easy for businesses of all sizes to set up order fulfillment services.  

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Real-time information

Integrated platforms keep it simple to inform and update customers throughout the fulfilment process.

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Optimised operations

Automating fulfillment processes ultimately leads to cost savings and improved customer experience.

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Streamlined fulfilment

Connect instantly with the world's most popular eCommerce platforms.


Our Partner Integrations​

Regardless of your method for bringing your products to market, we are committed to making the process as smooth and efficient as possible for you and your customers.


amazon |

Manage your Amazon inventory, including Prime listings and orders through BladePRO.


ebay |

BladePRO speaks to your eBay account, receiving eBay order’s, pushing status updates and syncing inventory across all sales platforms.


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Sync your NOTHS (Not On The High Street) store with our system for efficient order management. 


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Easily fulfil orders using WooCommerce, the popular WordPress plugin.


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Connect your TikTok account to manage your product listings, orders, and inventory in one place. 



Connect with Global-e to manage international orders and handle cross-border ecommerce efficiently. 


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Manage your Walmart listings, orders, and inventory through our centralized platform. 


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Automatically sync Wayfair orders and inventory and upload shipment tracking information.



Integrate your BigCommerce store for efficient order fulfillment and inventory management. 


shopify |

Integrate your Shopify account seamlessly, saving time handling time-consuming processes.



Connect your Wix store to manage orders and inventory seamlessly. 

Cin7 DEAR Systems

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Integrate Cin7 DEAR Systems for efficient inventory management and order processing. 

Aero Commerce

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Sync your AeroCommerce store for streamlined order processing and inventory management.


magento |

Connect your Magento store to eBay, Amazon, and all of your other sales channels.


oracle net suite logo |

Integrate NetSuite ERP for real-time inventory management and order processing. 


Squarespace logo |

Integrate your Squarespace website to streamline your order fulfillment process. 


Virtualstock Logo 1 |

Connect with Edge for real-time inventory updates and streamlined order management.


SAP logo |

Integrate SAP for efficient enterprise resource planning and order fulfillment. 

3PL Fulfillment

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Connect with 3PL providers like I-Fulfilment to handle storage, packaging, and shipping of your products.

How it works

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Set up a consultation with us

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How it works

Blade IMS software was created with you and your company in mind. We’ve ensured it has everything you need to run your business and allows you to always carry your entire inventory list and warehouse management with you. 

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Fulfilment solutions for your eCommerce store

Step 1Set up a consultation with us
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The initial exploratory call will be between you and one of our experts. This will help us understand your operations and pain points as well as your objectives and future plans.
Step 2Our proposed approach
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Every partnership is unique in terms of resource availability, products and strategy. We tailor a unique solution to you to add value to your business and help you grow.
Step 3Tailored to your business
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Once we have agreed on the best bespoke approach for you, we then create an implementation plan highlighting key dates and milestones to ensure you are set up for success from the start.
Step 4I-Fulfilment on-boarding
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During your onboarding with us, we discuss in depth your packaging and shipping requirements. This ensures cost savings for you and a first-class experience for your customers.
Step 5Fulfilment launch
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You are now set up to provide an end-to-end efficient service to delight your customers. We can further enhance this with our other core services. Manage your orders, inventory and much more, globally, using our market leading technology.
Step 6Working in partnership
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During the initial months your dedicated account manager will work closely on your account to ensure your goods are moving smoothly. After that, we will arrange regular reviews to support you on your daily operations and alert you about new opportunities.


“Extremely happy with the results”

Best fulfilment partner and managed services company in the UK. I outsourced a large portion of my business to i-Fulfilment and we were able to grow the company significantly as a result.

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Marketplace and eCommerce Integration Solution

IFulfilment offers a complete order management software platform, Blade IMS, designed to streamline and automate your entire fulfillment process cycle. 

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Order management

Integrate with multiple brands and eCommerce platforms to manage all orders in one place. 

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Inventory management

Gain new insights into meeting customer demand without overspending on inventory or storage.

Optimised Shipping

Shipping management

Keep track of orders in transit or delivered and evaluate the performance of various carriers.

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Real-time order tracking

When an order ships, tracking information is instantly updated to the selling channel and the customer.

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Integrate and fulfil orders with ease

Simplify your eCommerce operations and grow your business by partnering with the industry leader in 3PL fulfilment.

Learn more about I-Fulfilment integrations

We are a highly trusted logistics and warehousing partner for all types of organisations. Regardless of business size, stock type, or needs, I-Fulfilment can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

eCommerce fulfilment, often known as order fulfilment in the UK, is the process of fulfilling eCommerce orders. When a consumer orders a product from an online business, it must arrive within a certain time limit and at a specific price. These are eCommerce fulfilment services.


Optimising this aspect of a business is critical for successful eCommerce businesses. Outsourcing order fulfillment services is the most time- and cost-effective way to expand and scale.

A fulfilment center allows eCommerce merchants to outsource storage and shipping. They benefit from the advanced technology and experienced fulfillment team. This help reduces storage expenses, optimise operations, and provide access to lower shipping rates.


I-Fulfillment centers make inventory management considerably more efficient and straightforward. This gives store owners the most outstanding customer experience while focusing on business growth.

Numerous factors to consider when looking for the best fulfilling services in the UK or globally. Different fulfillment centers have different configurations for various products, sectors, and order volumes. From B2C to B2B, multi-channel, each presents unique business requirements and challenges.


A primary advantage to hiring third-party logistics 3PL providers is access to the best shipping rates, courier relationships and delivery options. Giving customers free or discounted shipping can be a game changer.

Our pricing and quotes are as unique as the services we offer. You contact our experienced team to discuss your needs and discover the best solution for you!

Fulfillment pricing can be complex, with numerous factors to consider. We immediately break everything down for you in a basic and easy-to-understand manner. We provide complete transparency throughout the process. We’re here to help you fulfill services relevant to your needs and specifications.

Customer satisfaction is prioritised in all aspects of the business, from subscription boxes to bespoke packaging. Flexibility and agility are critical factors to consider when expanding and developing your business. Due to economies of scale, I-Fulfilment software can provide access to reduced shipping costs and storage fees.

We certainly do! eCommerce returns can be tough to manage and handle at times, but we make it simple for you and your customers. Because we both store and ship items, processing returns is highly efficient and transparent. 


Consistently exceeding customer expectations and providing excellent customer service. Businesses save time and money on returns management and customer service and gain power from understanding the reasons for returns.

At our company, we recognise that every customer has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customised solutions to meet those needs. We collaborate with you to determine the support you require in areas such as logistics, operations, marketing, customer service, and more. Our advanced inventory software, Blade, also seamlessly integrates with your website and eCommerce platforms to provide added support.


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Book a demo with us

Get in touch with one of our fulfilment experts today! 

Book a demo

or call us on 01425 200 222