I-Fulfilment East Coast, U.S Fulfillment Center Expansion

Our global footprint continues to expand, providing our customers with the infrastructure and international reach to control shipping costs and improve your customer’s experience by reducing delivery times. Our new larger fulfillment center can service the whole of the USA.   

The new fulfillment center offers 30,000 sq. ft. of operational space, with room for further expansion as and when our clients require and is ideally located in proximity to major transport hubs to service the entire mainland USA, offering 2-day delivery. 

Our new East Coast fulfillment center is equipped with reworking and safe storage facilities and can effortlessly fulfil B2C and B2B orders accurately, efficiently and at scale.  

The Opportunity 

With its densely populated cities, the East Coast represents a vast consumer market, making it a primary target for eCommerce and retail businesses. It stretches from Florida to Maine, allowing brands to reach numerous B2B and B2C customers within a shorter delivery radius. A fulfillment center here facilitates faster delivery and lower shipping costs, improving the customer experience and likelihood of repeat business. 

The East Coast hosts some of the country’s largest ports, such as New York, Savannah, and Charleston. These ports are critical nodes in global trade networks, ensuring seamless overseas shipping. Our East Coast facility provides a direct line to these key international supply chains, reducing the time and costs associated with import and export. 

The East Coast also has a well-developed infrastructure network encompassing highways, railways, and airports, which can facilitate efficient domestic logistics. This high connectivity allows for quicker distribution of goods to major commercial hubs, a crucial factor for time-sensitive industries. 

The East Coast’s proximity to Europe offers significant advantages. Transatlantic trade is massive, and by being closer to European markets, businesses can reduce shipping times and costs, making it easier to manage international operations. 

East Coast eCommerce and B2B fulfilment centres strategically situate businesses within reach of a massive consumer market and key transport hubs 

This strategic location supports faster delivery times, lower shipping costs, seamless integration into global supply chains, and efficient operations — vital factors for business success in the digital age. 

Our entire operations are managed by our proprietary eCommerce management platform BladePRO. BladePRO is designed and developed to control the entire fulfilment process, from inventory management to controlling and customising orders across multiple channels.  

How to get started?  

If you are an existing customer and would like to learn more about our East Coast fulfillment center, contact your account manager or email clientsupport@i-fulfilment.com 

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