Introducing Vickie Best

Tell us about yourself

My name is Vickie Best, and I am from Bournemouth. I started my career working for large FMCG companies such as Kerry Foods and HJ Heinz in both operational and commercial roles. When I had my son 15 years ago, working a 2 hour drive away from home became much less practical! Since then, I have worked with several smaller manufacturing companies within the South West in Operations Director roles, driving operational efficiency and cultural change. I pride myself on my ability to deliver business transformation and successful change management through engaging with people, using my commercial insight and empathy to achieve buy-in.  

What is your current role with I-Fulfilment and what responsibilities are associated with the position?

My role at I-Fulfilment is Operations Director. This means I’m responsible for making sure our fulfillment centers across the globe provide first class service to our merchant partners and their customers. 

What attracted you to work with I-Fulfilment?

 I-Fulfilment attracted me by providing a more focused logistical role and the opportunity to help a rapidly growing company deliver improved service for its clients and their customers. Plus, it’s really close to home! 

What do you enjoy most about working at I-Fulfilment?

The people – even when things are not going perfectly, there’s a great team spirit, and everyone is absolutely willing to do their best and solve a problem together. 

Who is the most inspirational person for you and why?

Eddie Howe is an amazing example of a great leader. He led AFC Bournemouth from League 2 to the Premiership and is currently manager of Newcastle United. Whilst not a massive football fan (although I live in a house of boys, so I can’t avoid it completely!), I think Eddie Howe inspires his teams and players by engaging with them both as a group and on an individual level, which is the style of leadership I aspire to have. 

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