October Prime Day: How Amazon Prime Day Boosts eCommerce Business

Amazon Prime Day

When Amazon initially launched Prime Day to the world in 2015, it completely turned the eCommerce industry on its head. It began as a simple 20th-anniversary celebration to promote their Prime membership but has now grown into one of the year’s most significant eCommerce events. 

Big-name retailers like Walmart experienced substantial revenues due to their competitive discounts on Prime Day. Given Amazon’s tremendous revenue potential, these competitors had no choice but to follow suit. As a result, you may have noticed eBay advertising a great deal of offers priced at or below £95 – the yearly cost of an Amazon Prime membership in the UK. 

To maximise your success during Amazon’s Prime Day events, which are happening on October 10-11, it’s crucial to plan and strategise your order fulfillment.  

Is Selling on Prime Day Worth it? 

Amazon Prime Day is an excellent way for many online businesses to boost sales and brand awareness. Offering exclusive product discounts and deals might help you attract new customers and increase your online presence. 

Customers spent billions of pounds online during the two-day event and purchased over a million products worldwide. More than 85,000 UK SMEs now sell on Amazon – up more than 25% year-on-year, and similarly, our UK selling partners have typically significantly benefited from the event.  

Amazon UK reported total net sales of about 30 billion dollars in 2022. Last year, our partners in the UK used I-Fulfilment’s fast shipping and inventory management service – BladePRO, resulting in a significant increase in their sales. Businesses can capitalise on Amazon Prime Day and earn massive profits with appropriate strategy and execution. 

How Does Amazon Prime Day Attract Shoppers? 

Surprise, retailers are already making lists to prepare for Amazon Prime Day. 

Despite its term, “Prime Day”, the event has 48 hours of deals exclusively available to Prime members. Amazon Prime members may take advantage of steep limited-time discounts (known as lightning deals) on various products and other promotions. Throughout the event, shoppers were driven to purchase discounted products, including: 

  • 14% reduction in electronics 
  • 12% discount on apparel 
  • 12% price cut on toys 
  • 9% discount on Home/Furniture items 
  • 8% savings on computers 
  • 7% reduction on appliances 
  •  6% discount on sporting goods 

So, How Do You Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023? 

Make sure to stock up on products you expect to sell well on Prime Day, as selling out early means losing the buy box and lowering brand visibility at a critical time.  

Make sure the content on your product listing pages is optimised for conversions. This includes photos, product titles, bullet points, product descriptions, and back-end search phrases.  

Perfecting product descriptions is especially critical for businesses that are members of the Amazon Brand Registry. Members have complete control over their descriptions, giving them an advantage over other sellers. 

Brands may use Amazon A+ Content to communicate the story of their products in an enticing way. You can use diverse layouts, photos, graphics, and other visuals and write necessary descriptions and specifications.  

However, remember that your description should be about your products, not your Prime Day deal. If you mention discounts or deals, you are violating Amazon’s policies. 

I-Fulfilment are experts and well-versed in all marketplace setups, whether it’s Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), or Amazon SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime). 

By combining your marketplace presence with our top-notch fulfillment services, we can unlock the full potential of your marketplace strategy. We’re here to provide a seamless experience for both you and your valued customers.  

Using a 3PL to Support Your Multi-Channel Sales on Prime Day 

Prime Day often results in an increase in orders for ecommerce businesses, and managing fulfillment across multiple marketplaces and ECommerce during the event is challenging.  

Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, such as I-Fulfilment, to handle your logistics operations will make your Prime Day run smoothly. I-Fulfilment will allow you to: 

Optimise Your Inventory Management 

Prime Day often needs a substantial inventory to meet the increased demand. I-Fulfilment can assist in efficiently managing your inventory by providing real-time visibility into stock levels. 

With advanced inventory management systems, you can maximise your inventory and catch every Amazon sale this Prime Day. By integrating Amazon FBA replenishment, you can keep prime-ready fulfillment centers stocked while adhering to storage constraints.  

Maintain a First-Class Customer Experience 

During Prime Day, customer expectations are high. Fast and accurate order fulfillment is crucial to providing a top-notch customer experience. 

I-Fulfilment has over 20 years of experience handling this kind of event, managing order processing and shipping, and ensuring that orders are picked, packed, and shipped swiftly and accurately. We can offer multiple shipping options, including expedited shipping, to meet Prime customers’ expectations for fast delivery. 

Extend Prime Day Discounts to Your Other Channels 

Prime Day discounts are not limited to just Amazon. You may want to offer promotions on your own website or other marketplaces. 

I-Fulfilment advanced software integrates seamlessly with multiple marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. We can help you sync your product promotions across various sales channels, ensuring that customers on different platforms can also benefit from your Prime Day offers. 

Simplify Your Operations 

Prime Day can be hectic for eCommerce businesses. Managing inventory, processing orders, and coordinating logistics across multiple platforms can be overwhelming.  

You can simplify your workflow by outsourcing these operations to a 3PL like I-Fulfilment. This allows you to focus on strategic aspects of your business while experts handle the logistics. Additionally, we often have established partnerships with carriers, which can result in cost savings on shipping and access to reliable delivery networks. 

Final Thoughts 

But here’s the thing: many businesses, particularly businesses dealing in very niche products, are unprepared to compete on Amazon Prime Day. The primary challenge is a lack of resources and infrastructure to do so.   

Indeed, having a 3PL partner and access to advanced fulfillment software is the key to levelling the playing field on Amazon Prime Day. 

A leading international fulfillment provider will guide you through the entire fulfillment process and assists you in tapping on opportunities like Amazon Prime Day while ensuring that your orders are successful, efficient, and timely.  

Whether you choose Amazon fulfillment or fulfilling it independently, I-Fulfilment will help you every step of the way. We are fully versed with FBA standards and can swiftly integrate your business. Contact us and get started today!  

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