The Art of Gift Boxes: Elevating Your Brand with Custom Packaging

The Art of Gift Boxes Elevating Your Brand with Custom Packaging 

Many brands require specialised packaging solutions to ensure their products receive the attention they deserve. Your branding can be seen on custom packaging, and customers will have a better notion of what to anticipate from your product before unwrapping it. However, this customised packaging typically incurs additional costs, so working with third-party logistics (3PL) companies for fulfilment service with custom packaging is essential. 

 I-Fulfilment understands the significance of the unboxing experience for eCommerce businesses. That’s why we offer our clients a variety of custom packaging options, allowing you to deliver unforgettable unboxing experiences to every customer. 

Introduction to the Art of Custom Packaging in eCommerce  

They say first impressions are everything, which couldn’t be more true in business. When your customer receive their orders, they immediately notice the custom packaging. The unboxing experience becomes memorable, providing a lasting impression that can lead to repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals. 

Why Custom Packaging Matters? 

Why Custom Packaging Matters

Here are some key reasons why custom packaging is important: 

Brand Identity:Custom packaging helps establish and reinforce a brand’s identity. Consistent branding through custom packaging helps build brand recognition and loyalty. 

Product Differentiation:In a competitive market, custom packaging allows products to stand out from the competition. It provides an opportunity to highlight the product’s unique benefits, making it more appealing to customers. 

Customer Experience:The packaging is often the first physical interaction a consumer has with a product. Custom packaging can improve the overall customer experience by creating a positive impression.  

Protection and Functionality:Custom packaging is designed to fit the product’s specific dimensions, weight, and requirements. This ensures that the item is well-protected during shipping and handling.  

Marketing and Promotion:Custom packaging can be a powerful marketing tool. It provides space for creative design, storytelling, and promotional messages. Engaging packaging can attract attention and encourage consumers to learn more about the product. 

10 Most Common Types of Custom Packaging 

Each type of custom packaging has unique characteristics, making it suitable for specific products in the eCommerce fulfillment industry. The choice depends on the nature of the product, the desired level of protection, and the brand’s overall packaging strategy. 

  1. Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are versatile packaging solutions suitable for various products. They are easily assembled and commonly used for products like cosmetics, small electronics, toys, and food products. 

  1. Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes exude a sense of luxury and are ideal for high-end products. Jewellery, watches, premium cosmetics, and expensive electronics often benefit from the premium look and feel of rigid box packaging. 

  1. Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are the go-to choice for shipping. “RSC boxes” (regular slotted containers) are made from sturdy 32ECT kraft corrugated material. These boxes are durable and commonly used for various products, including electronics, books, and fragile items.  

  1. Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom mailer boxes are designed for e-commerce shipments. They are practical and offer a balance of protection and branding. Commonly used for clothing, subscription box items, and beauty products. 

  1. Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging comes in different forms, such as clamshells, trays, and containers. It is versatile and used for a range of products, including electronics, toys, hardware items, and food products. It provides visibility and protection.  

  1. Poly Bags

Poly bags are lightweight and cost-effective packaging solutions. They are commonly used for clothing, textiles, and soft goods, offering a practical option for items that don’t require rigid packaging. 

  1. Foil Sealed Bags

Foil-sealed bags are employed for products that require protection against moisture and light. They are commonly used for packaging food products, coffee, and snacks, ensuring product freshness. 

  1. Bottle & Cap Packaging

This packaging is specifically designed for bottles and is suitable for cosmetics, beverages, and liquid products. It ensures secure packaging for liquids and creams. 

  1. Jute Packages

Jute packages are eco-friendly and often used for packaging organic or handmade products. Commonly used for soaps, candles, and artisanal goods, they align with a sustainability focus. 

  1. Dunnage Packages

Dunnage packages are utilised to protect fragile items during shipping. Ideal for glassware, ceramics, and delicate products, they provide additional cushioning to prevent breakage in transit. 

Packaging & the eCommerce Fulfillment Process 

Packaging and the eCommerce Fulfillment Process

 Custom packaging can help your brand and products stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Working with a 3PL specialising in bespoke packaging can make fulfillment service with customised packaging much easier. 

 I-Fulfilment is an expert in designing and implementing custom packaging solutions, so you’ll never have to worry about your products getting lost or damaged in delivery. We partner with Product Pack company to ensure we can provide our clients with high-quality products. Our fulfillment service team has years of experience in package design and product optimisation, so we can assist you in making the most of your shipping procedure. 

Packaging Materials 

An effective strategy to enhance the efficiency of your fulfillment process is to scrutinise your packaging materials. Maintaining quality is vital, but considering a more cost-effective material can optimise costs without compromising product protection. For example, if your ecommerce brand ships flexible and durable items like t-shirts, transitioning from a box to a poly mailer can ensure secure packaging while reducing shipping, labour, and storage costs. 

Weight Reduction 

The transportation of goods incurs significant expenses, making weight reduction a key consideration. Custom packaging adds value by not only protecting products but also by utilising space more efficiently. Packaging that occupies less space can lead to cost savings in both storage and transportation. 

 Sustainable Packaging 

Integrating sustainable packaging is a viable solution in response to consumer demand for eco-friendly practices. Opting for materials like starch-based bioplastics reduces shipping costs due to their lighter weight. Sustainability isn’t solely about biodegradability: minimising packaging use significantly lowers your carbon footprint. 

 Labour Efficiency 

Every inch of your facility contributes to operational costs, making space efficiency crucial. Balancing space utilisation and labour involvement is critical to optimising fulfillment costs. While a custom-printed rigid box is pre-constructed and may pose storage challenges, it requires minimal labour. In contrast, a flat-packed double-sided mailer demands manual or automated assembly. Evaluating labour implications helps find the right balance between packaging design and efficiency. 


Subtle design modifications can yield substantial savings in fulfillment costs. Custom packaging allows comprehensive design alterations. For instance, switching from a UV coating finish to a more cost-effective aqueous coating may not be conspicuous to consumers but can significantly reduce costs. The flexibility of custom packaging empowers businesses to refine design elements strategically.  

Get Started with I-Fulfilment Custom Packaging  

If you require assistance fulfilling custom packaging orders, I-Fulfilment has comprehensive fulfillment services, delivering optimal solutions for brands with custom packaging needs.  

I-Fulfilment services cater to the specific requirements of eCommerce businesses, ensuring a seamless process from order placement to delivery. Whether you need tailored packaging solutions for branding, protection, or enhancing customer experience, I-Fulfilment offers expertise and resources to meet these demands. Contact us today!  

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