Troy Kniventon: Sales Manager at I-Fulfilment

Sales Manager

What is your current role with I-Fulfilment, and what responsibilities are associated with the position?  

I am the I-Fulfilment Sales Manager and, therefore, manage the sales team whilst also being responsible for driving new business growth for I-Fulfilment. As the Sales Manager, I need to effectively communicate the value proposition of I-Fulfilment to potential customers whilst understanding their needs and pain points to identify solutions to mitigate these problems and enable brands to achieve their operational goals.  

I am also responsible for leading the sales team, which is focused daily on engaging with potential clients to understand their needs and offering tailored solutions to help them achieve their business goals and overcome operational challenges.  

What attracted you to work with I-Fulfilment, and what was your background? 

I was aware of I-Fulfilment for several years before joining them. I saw great value in what they were achieving in the eCommerce fulfillment space, so when the opportunity presented itself for me to work for I-Fulfilment, it seemed a great fit.  

I have 17+ years in B2B Sales, Marketing, and Account management, with a large proportion of this working to develop and build brands both domestically and internationally. I spent five years working for a Digital Marketing Agency in New Zealand with brands on their Google, Facebook, and Website strategies.  

I then moved back to the UK, where I worked for an Australian Bicycle brand as their International Account Manager. This involved identifying new routes to market through distribution and retail partners and supporting them with the brand launch and marketing collateral to help build brand awareness in that region.  

Therefore, I have a lot of experience working with or for brands to successfully develop sales and marketing strategies to scale both domestically and internationally. Having this experience enables me to understand the challenges and pain points in scaling a brand, which is why I am so passionate about helping I-Fulfilment customers achieve and overcome their operational challenges so they can focus on Sales, Marketing, and Product development.  

What do you enjoy most about working at I-Fulfilment?   

As mentioned previously, I am passionate about helping brands scale both domestically and internationally, so enabling brands to focus on their core competencies whilst we care for what we do so generously gives me a sense of pride.  

I think that the media or society needs to champion British entrepreneurship better, and therefore, seeing it first-hand, seeing our customers achieve their goals, and gaining recognition for the hard work they have put in motivates me daily.  

Who is the most inspirational person in your life, and why?  

I don’t want to name a single individual who inspires me as I have and have had so many in my life who inspire me. The fortunate thing about my role is that I am inspired daily by colleagues, customers and prospects who go above and beyond to achieve their goals, which is an excellent motivation to improve myself.  

I would say the traits that inspire me the most, however, are being kind and respectful to others, as no matter how successful you become in life, if you have done so without being kind and respectful to others, then you can and will never be as successful as the person who achieves the same without sacrificing these traits. 

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