I-Fulfilment announces new eCommerce partnership with PennyBlack.io

We are always committed to and continue to deliver personalisation options for our partners, making our eCommerce fulfilment solution more than just a 3PL but a competitive advantage for the brands that trust us. Today we are able to go a step further.

Our new partnership with Penny Black enables us to offer our clients personalised inserts to be placed into each order. Designed to generate a direct revenue lift, increase customer retention and lifetime value and decrease your customer acquisition cost.

Through the use of hyper-personalised campaigns, you can customise your customer’s experience by deep diving into previously bought SKUs, the number of orders a customer has made, location, language and more—all data syncs across from your existing eCommerce platform.

What is Penny Black?

Penny Black is a platform that enables you to increase customer lifetime value by delivering fully personalised and on-brand experiences from the moment that customers open their eCommerce packages by generating personalised marketing inserts for each individual customer.

How does it work?

Penny Black works by taking customer data directly from your eCommerce platform and bringing it into the Penny Black platform. You can then create segments as well as personalised campaigns and designs based on your customers’ profiles, demographics, purchase history and more. Your campaigns are then ready to go and start delighting customers and growing their lifetime value.

Penny Black’s printers are already installed and set up in the I-Fulfilment fulfillment centers, and once the set-up is complete, your flyers will print on demand for each order as part of the pick-and-pack process.

Who can benefit from the Penny Black partnership?

Brands of all sizes can benefit from Penny Black’s services. They operate on a cost-per-print model that ensures a significant return on investment regardless of size.

Penny Black’s model not only contributes to a direct revenue uplift but also improves the performance of other KPIs, including retention rates, Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and lower Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs).

How to get started?

If you are an existing customer and would like to learn more about our partnership with Penny Black, contact your account manager or email troy.kniveton@i-fulfilment.co.uk.


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