Embracing a Dynamic Journey: Meet Our Sales and Marketing Director at I-Fulfilment

I-Fulfilment’s Sales and Marketing Director

Tell us about yourself, and what is your background? 

I began my career working on a 2-colour screen printer and a 5-colour Litho printing press back in Leicester. I then progressed into account management and more customer-facing and commercial roles. Throughout my career, I have been very lucky to have been supported by fanatic mentors who all help me get on! In 2004 I moved into manufacturing and logistics. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to work with lots of well know blue-chip brands driving innovation and have sat on various high-profile advisory boards for Royal Mail, such as the PAF Advisory Board, MPAG and the MUA. I was a part of the team who developed the Royal Mails bulk-tracked service over 10 years ago. I delivered the first tracked item in Romford!

I moved from Leicester to Bournemouth around 11 years ago and spend as much time around or on the water as possible! I am currently figuring out which football team to support!

What is your current role with I-Fulfilment, and what responsibilities are associated with the position?

I joined I-Fulfilment in 2020. It’s been a fascinating journey so far! I have enjoyed a very varied role across the business and have worked with many of our customers to build their e-Commerce and B2B operations in the UK and beyond. My current role is Sales and Marketing Director, responsible for Sales and Marketing, developing strategic partnerships, Marketplace Management strategy and working very closely with the Tech team to build and develop our BladePRO SaaS proposition.

What attracted you to work with I-Fulfilment, 

I-Fulfilment has a deep routed legacy in retail, distribution, B2B logistics and e-commerce. The solid foundation combined with an entrepreneurial ethos and a technology-focused strategy was a very attractive and exciting opportunity!

What do you enjoy most about working at I-Fulfilment?  

I really enjoy working with the team at I-Fulfilment, solving challenges and creating opportunities for our customers. No day is the same! Taking a trip down to the beach at lunch is also up there!



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