How 3PL Providers Streamline Your Supply Chain

How 3PL Providers Streamline Your Supply Chain

Getting your products from factory to customer can be a major headache. Even if you’ve nailed down the manufacturing process, there’s still storing, packing, and shipping to take care of – and if you don’t have the right strategy planned out, things can quickly grind to a halt. Luckily, that’s where third-party logistics (3PL) providers like us come in.

3PL providers take care of all things logistical. From warehousing and managing your inventory to packing and shipping your orders, they take the weight of logistics off your shoulders, freeing you from the hassle of in-house management.

If you’re looking to streamline your supply chain post-manufacturing, you may be wondering if outsourcing to a 3PL provider is the way to go. Well, that’s what we specialise in at I-Fulfilment. Read on for our breakdown of the top five reasons a 3PL provider can supercharge your supply chain, from the actual logistics to the knock-on effects.

1. Time-honed expertise

3PL providers work with businesses in all industries, which means they have experience providing logistics for countless products, in countless quantities. We specialise in industries such health & beauty to clothing, household to consumer electronics and many more. This means we already have a good understanding of your industry and the types of products you sell, so together we can hit the ground running and streamline your logistical processes much faster. Even if we don’t have experience with your specific product, we have the flexibility to adapt as needed using our knowledge of related products. We’re here to help you fine-tune your logistics for speed, accuracy, and affordability right from the get-go.

2. Advanced technology

3PL providers have access to advanced technologies that would usually be prohibitively expensive for a single business, especially a smaller one, to purchase on their own. The biggest example would be Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), which are crucial for managing inventory levels, order fulfilment, and warehouse space optimisation. They help streamline the picking and packing processes, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency.

Our own proprietary ecommerce and WMS software, BladePRO, goes a step further by combining the functions of a WMS, Inventory Management System, Courier Management System, and Marketplace Management System into one, providing you with even greater control over your supply chain.

Many 3PL providers also integrate their own systems with third-party platforms for extra convenience. For example, our BladePro software integrates with nineteen of the world’s most popular online platforms, including Amazon and Shopify, which makes it easy for you to manage all orders in one place.

3. Scalability

3PL providers will have the infrastructure and workforce to scale their operations up or down as needed. They can allocate more resources to your account during peak seasons, making sure your orders get fulfilled quickly, then allocate fewer resources during slow times. This means that when you partner with us as your fulfilment provider, you only pay for what you use. This scalability allows you to adapt to changing market conditions without making big upfront purchases of equipment or hiring a permanent full staff to handle surges in demand, saving you both time and money.

4. Clearer visibility

Many 3PLs offer online portals, such as our BladePro software, that provide real-time visibility into your inventory levels, order fulfilment status, and shipment tracking. This transparency allows you to make informed decisions and proactively address any potential issues in your supply chain.

5. More time and resources to allocate

Partnering with a 3PL provider can ultimately free up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on refining earlier parts of your supply chain like the design and manufacturing stages. It will also leave you more time to work on scaling your business if that’s your goal, which is another way in which we can help. We go beyond traditional 3PL to offer full end-to-end fulfilment services for your ecommerce business. From kitting and reworking to subscription boxes and personalised inserts produced by Penny Black, as well as customer service and returns management, we’ll streamline your entire operations.

Supercharge your supply chain with I-Fulfilment’s industry-leading 3PL services

So, if you’re fed up with slow shipping and a tangled supply chain, our 3PL services can help you get your products to customers faster and more efficiently than ever – but that’s just the start.

With facilities around the world and our proprietary software supporting international ordering, we can even help you scale your fulfilment and your business globally.

When you’re ready to take your supply chain to the next level, our experts are here to discuss your business needs, walk you through the options, and answer any questions. Get a quote online or call us on 01425 200 222 today!

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